Monitor Stands & Monitor Mounts​

Aligning your monitor is crucial to getting the most out of your desk. If stands aren’t doing it, a monitor with an arm mount could well be the best solution.

Below, We’ve categorized Monitor Stands to make your choice simple with our free tips.

Tips to Select Right Monitor Stands & Mounts

VESA Plate and VESA Conformity

VESA stands for the Video Electronics Standards Organization, which means that the displays are VESA compliant. To find out if your computer display is compatible with VESA, look for square-shaped hole patterns in the back. The VESA attachment will function for 95% of the displays unless otherwise stated.

Number of Monitors

Of course, the number of display screens that you have will have a major influence on how you set up your office, as well as the number and types of display weapons that you would need. Like if you have a single display so that you can use a single-arm table mount, but if you have two displays, you can use a dual monitor weapons mount.

Weight of Monitor

The weight of your monitor is significant, of course: but with a weight capacity of 2-10kgs, unless your monitor is 20 years old, we’re pretty sure that our monitor arms can withstand the load.